Business Valuation in Georgia Divorces

Assistance from a North Atlanta Divorce Attorney

If you are a business owner, one of your main concerns will likely be protecting your business assets during your divorce. If you are the spouse of a business owner, you may be seeking your fair share or hidden assets. Regardless of your role, it is important that you have the counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer in Sandy Springs throughout your case in order to protect your interests.

Ms. Brenner is a skilled family law attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience in the Metro-Atlanta area, and she can provide you with detailed and dedicated counsel during the valuation of your business. Brenner Law Group, LLC offers a free, 30 minute introductory phone consultation, so don’t wait to learn how we can help with your case.

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We Work with Business Valuation Experts

In a divorce, a business is considered marital property and is subject to equitable division. Oftentimes, spouses will disagree about how much a business is worth – therefore requiring the assistance of a business valuator. At Brenner Law Group, our family law team works with business valuation experts to determine how much a business is truly worth, which ultimately allows us to determine how the business can be divided between the spouses.

Uncovering Hidden Assets During Divorce

If you suspect your spouse of hiding revenue or overstating expenses, it may be necessary to hire a forensic accountant to do an in-depth investigation into the business to uncover information your spouse may be hiding. Initially, your divorce lawyer will uncover the necessary documents and records, which a forensic accountant will then examine for any red flags or withheld information.

If business ownership is involved in your divorce, it’s important to hire an attorney who understands how to frame the issues at hand and where to dig to make the case. Ms. Brenner knows how to build a case for the court that’s in your best interest.

Contact Our North Atlanta Lawyer to Protect Your Assets

If you require business valuation during your divorce, contact Brenner Law Group at (404) 418-4006 or use our online contact form to get in touch with our team. We can help you achieve a fair distribution of the business; call today to retain our services.

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