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Choosing The Right Attorney May Be The Most Important Choice That You Make

“The important thing to remember is that contested cases must be prepared as though they are going to trial. We’re always open to negotiating a good settlement. We get the evidence we need so that we’re ready if the case has to be tried. It is always better to negotiate from a position of preparedness and strength.”

– Emily Brenner, Attorney at Law, MA, LPC, NCC

A Client-Centered Divorce and Family Law Boutique – Serving North Atlanta & Surrounding Counties

If you’re facing divorce, asset division, or child custody legal matters, it’s wise to receive firm guidance from an insightful and compassionate Roswell divorce lawyer. Brenner Law Group provides trusted advocacy to families throughout the Metro-Atlanta area. Throughout her 30+ years in practice, Ms. Brenner—our founding attorney—has handled hundreds of highly complex and contested cases. Her extensive experience as a trial lawyer, family law attorney, mediator, negotiator, and nationally certified psychologist has led to many favorable resolutions reached.

When you put Ms. Brenner on your side, rest assured that you become her priority. Her extensive experience handing high-conflict cases equips her with the ability to relentlessly pursue your best interests. Ms. Brenner was also the 14th woman in the United States to accept the National Board of Trial Advocacy. She prepares for any possible roadblock after taking on a new case, always ahead of the curve in the event of a necessary trial.

Practice Areas

Emily Brenner, Attorney at Law, MA, LPC, NCC, is the founder of the Brenner Law Group. She brings over 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer, family lawyer, mediator, negotiator, and nationally-certified psychologist to every aspect of our exclusive divorce and family law practice. Let Ms. Brenner put her comprehensive insight and extensive family legal experience to work for you.


Going through divorce is hard, and facing an uncertain future is scary and overwhelming. We can help provide you the certainty and direction you are looking for.

Division of Marital Assets

As you can imagine, one of the most difficult and emotionally charged issues in a divorce is the equitable division of property, assets, debts, and obligations. Let Brenner Law Group protect your rights.

Alimony & Spousal Support

For many of our clients, alimony is an emotional and stressful topic. However, if you are faced with dividing assets and income in the divorce, alimony can actually be a helpful tool. Let us assist you in utilizing that tool!

Child Support

Divorce changes the relationship between you and your spouse; it does not change the obligation parents have to take care of their children. Understanding how child support works is an essential part of the divorce process, and it’s why you want our family law attorney on your side.

Enforcement of Judgments

Both temporary and final orders of the court are subject to enforcement. This includes child custody, visitation, child support, and alimony orders. If you are having trouble collecting on a court order, you need to know your options. If you are having trouble paying on a court order, it is important to understand the consequences of noncompliance.

Modification of Judgments

No divorce decree or settlement agreement can possibly anticipate everything that might happen to you, your ex-spouse, or your children following a divorce. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to know your options regarding modifications of court orders. Our Roswell divorce lawyer can help.

Financial Facts for the Wealthy: Three Things Everyone on the HIT (High Income Target) List Needs to Know

If you are earning a healthy six-figure income, there are facts you need to know. Whether single or married, you have made it to the H.I.T. list—the High-Income Target list for the financially vulnerable in love.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

“Emily Brenner really fought for me. Ms. Brenner is very smart, has integrity, and is a real bulldog! She did what needed to be done. From start to finish, my case was handled in a fair and just manner. I highly recommend Emily Brenner for anyone struggling through a divorce.”

- Fran

“Emily is a caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated attorney. Not only does she deeply care about my case, but she also cares about me as a person and how I am handling it all. I have always felt that my needs were met and that she is invested in me and my case. […] I highly recommend her; she is definitely someone you want on your side.”

- Tom

“We were in the middle of a contested child legitimization and custody case when we decided to switch to Emily from our previous attorney. […] I can’t stress this enough — Emily really does care about making sure her clients are treated fairly and that they understand the courtroom process.”

- Joel

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